Pedestrian Run-ins

The local Pensacola Police Department recently posted a social media blurb about pedestrian safety for locals who frequent downtown streets. I’ll NEVER forget my “run-in” with a pedestrian on Cervantes Street. About 10 years ago, I was cruising down Cervantes to prayer team meeting at Brownsville before youth group started, minding my own business and … More Pedestrian Run-ins

Cohabitation & Singleness in America

The number of Americans choosing to never marry has been steadily increasing between 1980 and 2014 from 20.3% to 28.1% (Strong & Cohen, 2017, p. 326). Strong and Cohen (2017) propose that several trends contribute to this increase, including postponement of marriage until an older “age that makes better economic and social sense” as well … More Cohabitation & Singleness in America

Gender Roles

Gender roles do not have to be rigid and family structures do not have to be a certain way in order to remain Christian. Gender roles delineated in Scripture are varied and based on gender equality. Gender roles, as we know them in American culture, are human constructs and not God-ordained. The two genders are … More Gender Roles

Uncomfortable Truth

In a class that I am finishing this quarter, I came across this bit of data: of the nearly 6.6 million pregnancies in the United States in 2008: 4.2 million resulted in births (that’s 62%) 1.2 million resulted in induced abortions (18%) 1.1 million resulted in fetal loss such as miscarriage, still birth, or terminal … More Uncomfortable Truth

Think Differently

Sometimes I experience a serious urge to purge, to throw away clutter and clean out cabinets and closets. Something may have sat in one place for years- a basket of old papers, a tub of old dried out bulbs, a box of childhood relics- and I realize that I don’t need or want most of … More Think Differently

Relationships 101

As humans it is ingrained and instinctual to seek interpersonal relationships with one another, whether for fun and companionship, respect and romance, or for self-fulfillment and control. There are several characteristics of healthy relationships that we should look for, signs relationships that include a healthy balance of give and take, of mutual benefit. There are … More Relationships 101

Cheap Grace

Over a month ago I caught a “thirteenth grade” student of mine cheating on an economics test. Every word was spelled correctly; he is a terrible speller. Every complicated, hard-to-understand concept was answered correctly. He made a 98%, this C/D student of mine. He had cheated right there in my classroom in front of everyone … More Cheap Grace